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German Taxes – Certified English speaking tax experts will answer your questions

  • Some apps offer the filing of your tax return, but they don’t offer the opportunity to ask questions to specific tax topics
  • The consultation of a certified tax consultant is not necessary in every case but could be expensive
  • Our idea is to close the gap by providing an individual tax guide for English speaking tax payers in Germany
  • High flexibility, because you’ll only have to pay for exactly the information that you need
  • The fee depends on the scope of our service
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Please choose between the following topics

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Tax obligations

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Help with tax declaration

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Freelance Business

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Investments (сrypto, properties, etc.)

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Others ( Tax classes, rental income etc.)

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How to use our services?

Why should you use GeTEx?

  • You recently moved to Germany and you’d like to know if you are obliged to submit a tax declaration?
  • You want to do the tax declaration by yourself and you only have one or two questions, but you don’t want to pay for the whole tax declaration?
  • You did the tax declaration by yourself and the tax result from the Finanzamt deviates from the tax result you calculated and you would like to check, if the tax result from the Finanzamt is correct?
  • You intend to start your own business and you ‘d like to learn about the tax obligations and tax implications?
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Do you have any questions? Please contact us