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Our certified tax specialists will answer your question. Questions will be answered within 3 days. You can choose between the following options:

35,- EUR

short answer

A short answer includes a brief solution for the problem described. The problems in this category are usually of a more general nature.

For the following examples a short answer could be chosen:

  • Am I obliged to file a tax return?
  • Until when am I obliged to file a tax return?
  • Which tax class would be the best for me?

49,- EUR

detailed answer

A detailed answer includes a solution of the problem described plus a concrete recommendation for action. It is also possible to ask an additional question, if the answer is not clear enough or does not fully solve the problem.

A detailed answer is recommended for more complex questions, for example:

  • What are the tax implications or obligations for a freelance business?
  • How can I consider my student fees for tax purposes?
  • How will crypto currencies be taxed in Germany?

69,- EUR

Consultation / 20 min /

If you prefer a meeting by phone or by videoconference a consultation could be booked.

A consultation is recommended for situations, where a personal exchange is advantageous, for example:

  • You did the tax declaration by yourself with a Tax App. And now the tax assessment letter from the Finanzamt deviates from your calculation and you’d like to understand why.
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