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About us

Certified English speaking tax experts will answer your questions in relation to German income tax

For English speaking tax payers in Germany it is still difficult to find tax advice in English.

Some apps offer the calculation and filing of your tax return, but they don’t offer the opportunity to ask questions to specific tax topics. They are in some respects “Black boxes” and very often an uncertainty remains regarding the tax result.

The alternative is a consultation of a certified tax expert which is often associated with the following difficulties:

  • Only a few tax consultants offer tax advice in English
  • Sometimes you have to wait weeks or even months for an appointment
  • If you are not yet a client of the Tax consultancy office and only want advice on selected questions, you’ll have to pay very high fees.

Our idea is to close the gap by providing a personal tax guide for English speaking tax payers in Germany.

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Advantages for our clients

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High flexibility, because you’ll only have to pay for exactly the information that you need

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The fee depends on the scope of our service (short answer, detailed answer or consultation)
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No long-term contractual obligations
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Questions will be answered within 3 days, no longer waiting times
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Digital tax advice, no personel appointsments necessary
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Certified tax experts will answer your questions

Our tax experts

Alexandra Wiener

Alexandra Wiener

  • Certified Tax consultant since 2007
  • Self-employed with her own tax consultancy office in Hamburg since 2016
  • Specialisation in German income tax and English-speaking clients with an international focus
  • Tax advice for Expats
  • Consultancy for Start-ups